Feature Friday: Botanicals by the Sea

About Botanicals by the Sea:

I enjoyed the use of natural herbs, fruits, and products beyond the normal uses. I discovered there were other alternatives than a pill or an expensive ointment. As the years went by my skin conditions became a matter of concern. As my problems were not fixed by various doctors I felt it was time to try my hand at creating some of my own natural remedies. As that took off it was time to add more pampering products to my area of expertise. Learn more here.

Skincare Labels
About their products:

Our products are natural with you and the environment in mind! We use Nut Oils, Unique Oils, Fruit Butters, Fragrances, and Essential Oils. Click here to learn more about their ingredients.

Skincare Labels

Skincare Labels

What do you like most about working with Short Run Labels?

I was referred by someone who told me that ShortRun would work for me and its been great for a small business like mine. I love working with you as I am inexperienced and the manager, Blake, has been super patient and supportive of me and my learning curve. I couldn’t afford a graphics artist for all of my stuff and Blake once again helped me with details in order to get my labels working.

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