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About Tread:

Their story… You may be surprised but before Tread we didn’t regularly use facial care products. The only care for our face was the occasional attack from our wives with their creams and lotions when they noticed a new wrinkle, dry spot, blemish or pimple. After some time, we could see – through them – the daily grind of the real world was taking a toll on our faces. Perhaps, the ladies were really on to something.

After some research and cutting through the BS of the skin care industry we found that (1) it really is essential to have some type of daily regimen if you want your face to stay healthy in the long term, and (2) nobody was providing a convenient, effective, and affordable solution for men’s facial care.

As we were both aspiring entrepreneurs, we saw an opportunity to create something attractive for men who are unfamiliar with the benefits of skin care. And so, after months of toil and careful consideration we bring you Tread for Men.

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tread-for-men-custom-boxes tread-for-men-custom-boxes tread-for-men-custom-boxes

“It’s about proper maintenance,” says Bob Huguelet, Co-Founder at Tread. “For guys who work in a stressful environment, years will show if they don’t take care of themselves. Wrinkles, dryness, and discoloration happen as a result not only of aging, but also lifestyle and upkeep. We came to find taking care of ourselves isn’t just about ‘looking good,’ it’s also a reasonable addition to regular grooming for men.”

Tread also offers a subscription service for men who don’t want to worry about reorders when they’re out.


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