Finishing Options: Foil, Matte, Gloss, Spot Coating

We offer quite a few finishing options here at Your Box Solution. Finishing options can drastically change the way your finished boxes look and feel.

High GlossĀ Coating:

High gloss coating offers a very slick and shinny finish. This makes the surface very smooth and reflective of light. Glossy finishes bring attention to color and vibrant packaging.

Soap Bar Box

Matte Laminate Coating:

Matte laminate coating is a shine-free smooth surface. The matte finish is very luxurious and offers a soft feel to the finished products. We offer two type post-print matte finishes: scuff-proof matte and soft-touch matte finish.


Spot UV Coating:

Spot coating is used when only a portion of the design has a coating. This is often used as a part of the design element. It gives the artwork a textured feel and look. The treated areas are shinny while the non-treated areas remain the same.



Foil Stamping:

Foil stamping is the application of foil by pressure or heat. This adheres the foil to the packaging. Like spot gloss coating, it is often used as a part of the design element. The majority of time, the foil used is metallic but foil also comes in different colors and textures.



Foil Stamped, Embossed & Debossed

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