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Custom Boxes for Beard Care Products

One of  the newer product lines that is making strides in the marketplace is Beard Care products. A lot of men, and women are enjoying the different products to wash, maintain and style beards! Our production process and workflow are a great way to get into the market and own the “shelf.” Whether it is an actual shelf or in…

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Measure Product

How Do I Measure My Product?

Understanding Dimension Orientation: A question that we get a lot is “How do I measure my product?”   In this short tutorial we will give you some tips of how our boxes are laid out, as well as how to measure your product to find the box that you would like. First thing is to understand how the dimensions are laid…

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Same Size Box

Multiple Design Versions from YourBoxSolution

If you are a soap maker with one mold, or have different products that use the same container and would like to have specific artwork printed for each scent/variation this is a great offer for you. Our revolutionary production process allows you to run multiple design versions at varying quantities based on your needs. Now you won’t have to over…

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Printed Proof Samples – Your Options

Printed Samples A common question we get here at Your Box Solution is “Can I get aa actual proof of my box before I order it?”. The short answer is, YES! Here are your two options for printed proofs: 1) Flat Printed Proof Receive an actual flat printed proof of your box. We call this a press-check in the printing…

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Custom Printed Boxes from YourBoxSolution

Our Process – Your Box Solution

Once of the most common questions we get is “What’s the process for getting custom printed boxes for my products?” It’s easier than you might think and we’re here every step of the way. Steps to getting Custom Printed Boxes from YourBoxSolution.com: 1. Product Dimensions We first need the dimensions of your product or send us your product if you…

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damn handsome grooming

Feature Friday: Damn Handsome Grooming Co

Our Adventure: After moving to Michigan from Portland, Oregon the husband and wife team behind Damn Handsome had a thirst for craft beer was – well – unquenchable. Fortunately they had one of the largest craft beer cities right in their back yard. And after getting to know many of the brewers in the craft beer community – and the…

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Feature Friday: Bookbone

About BookBone: BookBone is the original weighted rubber bookmark with over 100,000 sales worldwide. BookBone is a small owned and operated company out of Savannah Georgia.. BookBones are available in three bright colors; Red, Blue or Green. Cast in urethane with weights permanently molded in each end, they’re washable, stain and chemical resistant and they’ll last a lifetime. We invented…

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Feature Friday: Amaki

About Amaki Skincare: Founded by a certified esthetician, Amaki is a family owned and operated company committed to quality, value and customer care. Using nothing but the purest ingredients nature has to offer, our skincare products help individuals address their own unique skin types and skin care problems organically to achieve a clear, healthy complexion and the confidence that goes…

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WildBloom Pure Skincare

Feature Friday – WildBloom Pure Skincare

About WildBloom Skincare: WildBloom Skincare offers pure, luxurious face care products crafted from natural and organic botanical extracts. Every ingredient is chosen based on safety ratings with the EWG’s Skin Deep® Database. Our goal is to offer clean, modern skincare products that deliver results, while also protecting your well-being. Our line is lab-designed and made in the USA. We are…

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Feature Friday: H is for Love

About H is for Love: H is for love is about sharing nature’s most wonderful gifts.  Each ingredient is pure, every product made by hand, either to order or in very small batches to ensure peak quality.  Cruelty-free and almost entirely organic and wild-sourced, only natural preservation methods are employed.  Designed with purpose and care, each element has already withstood the ultimate…

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Meliora Cleaning Products

Feature Friday: Meliora Cleaning Products

About Meliora Cleaning Products: Aided with a background in materials and environmental engineering, Kate navigated complicated cleaning product disclosure laws and massive ingredient lists to simply find out what people are using in their everyday lives. Her conclusion? You should be able to know what’s in the products you’re using… and not need an advanced degree to understand them. Propelled…

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Anokha Boxes

Feature Friday: Anokha Skin Care

About Anokha Skin Care Anokha Skin Care was created to celebrate the beauty within each of us. Our key ingredients are derived from plants and active botanicals native to South Asia, including jasmine, rosewater, sandalwood, and neem.  Selected modern ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and panthenol, have been added to enhance the efficacy of the system.  The products are free…

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