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Metallic Substrate v. Hot Foil Stamping

Recently we introduced a new offering with Metallic Paperboard. There are some questions if this offering will replace Hot Foil Stamping. Here are some benefits and drawbacks for each to help you decide which will work best for your project! Hot Foil Stamping This the process of stamping a “foil” onto your box using a metal die. The die is…

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Silver Paperboard

Metallic Paperboard

Metallic Paperboard Option: Silver Sub-straight We’re now offering the ability to print on metallic paperboard. Instead of the traditional white paperboard or brown paperboard, we now have the the option to print on silver sub-straight. Metallic sub-straight allows us to recreate a box with metallic elements in it without the use of a metallic die. It opens the door for…

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WildBloom Pure Skincare

Feature Friday – WildBloom Pure Skincare

About WildBloom Skincare: WildBloom Skincare offers pure, luxurious face care products crafted from natural and organic botanical extracts. Every ingredient is chosen based on safety ratings with the EWG’s Skin Deep® Database. Our goal is to offer clean, modern skincare products that deliver results, while also protecting your well-being. Our line is lab-designed and made in the USA. We are…

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Emboss, Deboss, Foil Stamp

IMBUE Naturals: Embossing, Foil-Stamping and Debossing

IMBUE Naturals did a excellent job not only utilizing our full color custom print capabilities but also our ability to add imbossing, foil stamping, and debossing to their boxes. The gold foil throughout the design quickly grabs your eye and draws you to the beautiful package. You can see the intricate detail to the emboss lid that gives the package…

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Short Run Foil Stamping Custom Boxes

Short Run Foil Stamping

YourBoxSolution is the only short run box manufacture that offers cost effective foil stamping to full color custom printed boxes.  What is foil stamping? Foil stamping is the application of a pigment of a metallic foil to your box. Foil is applied using a heated die that is then stamped onto the foil making it adhere to the surface. Leaving…

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Custom Embossing

Embossing is a post-print embellishment technique which creates a raised pattern on your box. Embossing involves the creation of an impression by placing an embossing die in contact with the paperboard under high heat and pressure. Embossing will give your packaging a unique look and texture that will grab your customers attention. What is the process to order custom printed…

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Gift Set Packaging and Holiday Packaging

Packaging for Gift Sets

The holidays are almost upon us and with it comes gift sets! Gift sets are very popular items during the holidays but can be tricky to package. There are multiple ways you can package gift sets but keep in mind that the packaging can make or brake a deal. Most consumers decide if they want to buy your items within…

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Skincare and Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic Packaging: High-Quality, Affordable Cosmetic Boxes & Labels

Are you in the market for boxes that fit standard size bottles or cosmetic containers? Look no further. At YourBoxSolution.com, we offer the most affordable, high-quality cosmetic packaging at unbeatable minimums (250 units). Products from YourBoxSolution.com and ShortRunLabels.com are proudly made here in the USA and with the finest equipment on the market.   Our skilled and knowledgeable staff can…

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Candle Packaging

Since candles are a heavier product, we suggest doing 2 things to your boxes to make them sturdy enough for the weight of a candle. Use 18pt Stock Paper. The heavier paper will give you a sturdier box to withhold the weight of a candle. Choose or design a box with a lock-bottom. This will create extra stability for the…

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Upgrade Your Packaging with Custom Printed Box Bands

  Packaging is a key component of a company’s identity. In our local town, the neighborhood favorite candy box can be spotted a mile away. It’s a rectangular brown box with a simple logo on the front. It’s been that way for years. It’s nostalgic and comforting for the consumer. As a confectionary business owner, you value this important connection but…

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Comparing Us to the Competition – Confectionary Market

We here at Your Box Solution feel we offer the confectionary market the most comprehensive and best short-run pricing out of any company in the marketplace. For example, an 8 oz assortment lid is a very common box seen in the marketplace. Your Box Solution gives you the ability to order full color custom printed lids, with no limit on…

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Foil Stamping

Foil Stamping is the application of metallic foil to paper. The foil adheres to the paper leaving a metallic surface in desired areas, artwork, or logos. Why use hot foil stamping? Foil stamping can bring a certain sophistication to your brand The use of foil on your logo can create a more profitable brand perception that can effect how consumers…

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