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Finish Option

Coating Options at YourBoxSolution.com

We have multiple coating options at YourBoxSolution.com. To receive a sample of our coating options, please fill out our sample request form here. Uncoated Box: All of our boxes are made from a pretreated paperboard. This treatment primes the paperboard prior to printing so that the ink has a solid adhesion to the paperboard that will not rub off in…

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Foil Stamping

Finishing Options: Foil, Matte, Gloss, Spot Coating

We offer quite a few finishing options here at Your Box Solution. Finishing options can drastically change the way your finished boxes look and feel. High Gloss Coating: High gloss coating offers a very slick and shinny finish. This makes the surface very smooth and reflective of light. Glossy finishes bring attention to color and vibrant packaging. Matte Laminate Coating: Matte…

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Spot Gloss Coating

How Spot Gloss Coating can Enhance Your Packaging  Spot Gloss coating is a post-print technique in which gloss coating is applied using heat and pressure to a designated area of your box. It makes that area “pop off” the paperboard with a glossy finish in direct contrast with the rest of the paperboard, color and graphics. You can see and feel the difference…

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